photo (1)Climber of mountains, lover of words, white water rafter, communications nerd, political researcher, craft beer guru, and weekend adventurer – this is Cassie Reed, a Central PA raised Penn State University graduate, pursuing a career in public relations.

With a smile on my face, you can always find me enthusiastically immersing myself into the projects and experiences I embark on. I have experience in managing social media, creating public relations campaigns, writing press releases, managing a retail store, writing donation solicitations, creating internal newsletters, assisting in the scheduling over 2,000 employees, and creating graphics, as well as a bachelor’s degree in communications amongst my many qualifications. In January 2016, I will begin a twelve week public relations internship at The Bravo Group, a lobbying firm located in the heart of Harrisburg, just blocks from Pennsylvania’s Capitol building.

unnamed[4]In my free time I enjoy hiking Central PA’s beautiful trails, often going on backpacking and camping trips. I love trying new ethnic dishes, going to local fairs, embarking on road trips to national parks across the U.S, perusing antique shops, and exploring new cities without a map. My favorite animal is a walrus, I love ugly old-lady sweaters, and I am terrible at mini-golf. I’ve had several unusual jobs in my life: I spent 5 years taking care of pets at a kennel, was a summer camp counselor (I was the best slip and slider), worked at a movie theater, conducted non-partisan political research in Montana, and worked as a wedding consultant. . . Bridezillas and all.

Professionally, I am an effective communicator, and I understand the power of messages and how they can be strategically presented and transmitted. I have worked hard my entire way through college, working full-time while taking full-time classes, and I devote myself to my work and causes that I believe in. I bring out my creativity through my passion for writing, taking photographs, and viewing the artistic expressions of others.  I also love to travel and see what the world has to offer, through exploring, asking questions, and constantly seeking to learn new things.

5 years from now, I would like to have a masters degree in public administration and be working in a non-partisan organization that promotes active citizenship. I believe that low millennial voter turnout and lack of youth participation in democracy is a huge issue in our society, and I would like to use my skills to help change this.

Check out my resumewriting, and other projects, to see all that I have to offer!

“When we’re connected to others, we become better people.”
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

-The Mountains are Calling and I must go- - John Muir (1).png

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